Michael DeWulf

Sensual Hyper-Realism
Airbrush, Acrylic, Gouache & Oil paintings that evoke feelings of sensuality, love, unity, hope and eternity. Beautifully orchestrated pieces, enhanced in contrast & depth by his great knowledge of color & light


DeWulf's pursuit to convey a message and create a narrative with figures suspended underwater reflects an emotion in his work.

Beauty & Grace

Like a ballerina dancing across a stage, Michael is able to somehow capture the posturing in the right moment all in his head, yet still show the movement compositionally with the flow of fabric and the use of complimentary color.
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“You are as only as good as your last piece. There is nobody more critical of my art, than myself. I believe that every piece i paint, i gain something and grow as an artist.”

My Recent Art

2021 was a year of much growth for DeWulf as an artist. He painted around 80 originals, sold most of them. Most of the available pieces are in galleries stretching from Maui to Miami. Click on the piece for availability, dimensions, mediums used and location of the piece. Inquire by calling gallery listed, and speak to an Art Consultant.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Come watch DeWulf bring a piece to Fruition, speak with the artist about maybe commissioning a personal piece with your loved ones maybe. Or just see his amazing work in person.

Jun 12 - Jul 16

Landscape/ Seascape

Beautiful Plein air pieces, or maybe a photo of a favorite place. DeWulf started painting mother natures beauty at age 7. Depth, Composition and light makes these pieces magical!

Jul 28 - Aug 20


Commissioned pieces of specific subjects. Whether a family, a pet or individuals, Michael has often been called the best at capturing the essence of a person in his realistic portraiture.

Sep 16 - Oct 8

Automobile artwork

Growing up in the Motor city, Detroit Michigan. Michael has always loved painting classic cars. Fun Fact; DeWulf chose Automotive Design as his major going into Art school.